Making the most of the resources that you have.

We always wait for that next big break. Are you one of them? Well, you are not alone, I know I have. However, while in my time of waiting I decided to take action and use things that barely cost any money. This is the cost effective process used in completing my fashion project.

 1. Phone Camera. 

Image credit: Pexel

In the beginning of March, we all experienced an unfortunate pandemic season. Things began to close down, everything began to slow down. At that moment, I was still in school. I had to pack all my things and leave the building. I was distressed about whether I was going to get a job. I was constantly worried when my breakthrough was going to come. 

I had 2 options – either think positive or be negative. There was an upcoming fashion show. We had a jury session before the fashion show. Due to the pandemic the fashion show never happened but I am grateful for the experience to showcase my portfolio in front of the jury panel. It was a Wednesday afternoon I had to prepare for a photoshoot. The next day I had to present my portfolio. 

There was no time to find a photographer so my only alternative was to utilize my phone camera. Therefore, instead of having the expense of paying for a photoshoot, I used my phone camera. Luckily, I managed to edit in photoshop using my phone, which was a subscription included in my school tuition.  The alternative method help me to save on last minute expenses.

  2. Chair 

Due to the pandemic criterias, I could not find a model. A chair was at my disposal. I managed to get fabric and prop the chair the way I desired. I began to style the chair with the clothing, as though it was an actual model.

I have included photos to give an illustration of the creative outcome.

 3. Open- minded. 

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 Often we limit ourselves with our mindset. It’s always a challenge when we are challenged to think differently. Becoming open-minded allows us to step into the power of creativity and see better results through faith.

 4. Networking. 

Image Credit: Pexel

Your friends and family are your biggest network. Sometimes, it may be frustrating to look for a network of well-rounded professionals. Many of the well-rounded professionals are highly esteemed people such as Anna Wintour, Olivier Rousteing and Chanel. We live in a world that we must utilize connections closest to us. You never know who your friends know and what contacts they may have. Friends connections are another way to meet new people and foster valuable relationships.


Image Credit: Pexel

I have always had an imaginative mind. Creativity is very natural to me. I encourage you to be creative. Only you can decide the outcome of your story, so use your own imagination! 

 6. Challenging yourself!

Image credit: @Pexel

Never wait for someone to push you! Push yourself….. Challenge yourself….. Learn new and different things…. Always improve yourself and become the best version of yourself!

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